The short answer? We love old stuff and we love sharing old stuff with our clients. But for the long answer, here is how the vintage rental process with H&S works. From the initial consultation to the end of your event, we want to make the process easy, positive and exciting. After all, you’re here because you love old stuff too! We offer vintage rental services for weddings, showers, family gatherings, corporate events, photoshoots, and any other event you may have in the works.


Talk to us! Once you have the details of your event down, send us an email with as many of those details as possible (venue, event date, and times). Let us know what kinds of vintage items you are looking for and any style details you’d like to share.

We will contact you in no time and meet with you to discuss your desired aesthetic, your rental needs, and all the details (availability, pricing, delivery, etc.), as well as show you our ever-growing inventory in person. We will create a custom aesthetic for you with whatever catches your eye and with our own suggestions and ideas.

You can also browse our inventory online to get some ideas and jot down specific items you like. We are constantly adding to our collection, so keep in mind that even if you don’t see that perfect piece or prop online, we always have more. And thanks to our friends at Old Glory, we have the best sources for new finds and are always scouting.


Once we’ve met with you to discuss your event and rental needs, we will book everything. We will finalize what pieces, props, and decor you will be renting and create a custom proposal for you. This includes pricing and all the other details so you know exactly what to expect, when to expect it, and how much to expect it for. We will also explain all of the delivery, set up, and pick-up options, have you sign our Rental Agreement, and get your initial deposit.


The event! We will deliver your items (or have you pick them up) to your event, set up if requested, and let you get to celebrating at your beautifully staged and vintage-imbued event. We will pick everything up at the end.



What makes you different than other vintage rental companies?
Our scouting! We work closely with Old Glory Style, a Denver-based antique & design store that has been a go-to destination in Colorado for over ten years. We have Old Glory owner Holly’s design and scouting expertise behind us.

Can I see your inventory in person?
Yes! Contact us and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment to show you our warehouse and all of our inventory.

Do you deliver anywhere in Colorado?
We will deliver our items anywhere in Colorado! Keep in mind that we do have different rental minimums for different areas and increased delivery fees. Ask us if you have a specific place in mind and we can answer any delivery questions.

Am I able to pick up items for my event?
You can pick up most items in our inventory yourself instead of having us deliver them to your event. We just require that you have the proper vehicle and ways to secure the items when you pick them up to make sure nothing gets damaged or lost on the journey.

Do you offer set up with delivery, or any additional services on-site?
We do offer on-site set up at events, where we will unload and set up the items you have rented from us. We can also offer additional services that we discuss during your initial consultation. If you have any specific ideas of questions, just ask!

What if I damage or lose any items I rent?
That just means you were having (a little too much) fun at your event! We charge a 30% refundable security deposit on all rentals. If there is anything missing, broken or damaged the deposit will be kept. If the deposit doesn’t cover the damages or replacement costs, you will be responsible for the additional cost.

Can I get a refund after I have booked items?
Once an item is booked and the initial payment has been made, we do not issue refunds. When items are booked and reserved, they are unavailable for anyone else to rent for that date.

Do you require a deposit?
We do require an Initial Deposit to reserve your items.

How long can I rent items?
Typically, our items can be rented for one day. We do allow some flexibility depending on the kind of event and other circumstances, so reach out if you have questions or want to chat about how long you’d like to rent any items.