Hastings & Scout is a design collective, vintage rental company, and online shop based in Denver, Colorado. We provide a variety of services, including interior design services, event rental and design, an always-open online shop featuring authentic goods for home, and daily inspiration for design + life. 

We believe that every moment should be a great one, and we carry this philosophy into our work: for us, every room, home, celebration, gathering, and event is an opportunity to create a beautiful space and atmosphere for you and your family and friends to enjoy. All of our projects focus on creating an original aesthetic that reflects the personality and passions of our clients, whether it is branding a new business, helping to decorate a new home, or furnishing and designing an event. 

Forever is composed of nows, and making every "now" beautiful is our passion and our mission. We work closely with Denver-based antique store and designer OLD GLORY to continually build and diversify our inventory. 

what we do

Working closely with Old Glory, we also offer interior design services, including consulting and scouting antiques & decor and bringing it straight to your home. Whatever the project, we will work directly with you and curate a design plan that fits your needs and design wishes.  

We love scouting, and we will work tirelessly and enthusiastically to find the perfect piece of furniture or decor for any project. We strive to have a diverse and large inventory that will fit a variety of event rental needs, all while ensuring that every piece & prop has a unique aesthetic with a story to tell. When you rent from our inventory, we will take care of it from the moment you pick it to the moment we pick it up, including delivery to and from the venue and on-site event design. No matter what you have in mind for your event, if it is not in our inventory, we will scout it and bring it to you! 

We also offer event design consultation, and graphic design services for invitations, party favors, event-specific decor, and any other project that may come up. We are very hands-on here at H+S and we love creative projects! The more paint that ends up on our clothes by the end of the day, the better. Custom chalkboard signs? Yes! A personalized guestbook made out of old skis? Yes! The creative possibilities are endless. 

We also have an online shop, dedicated to offering goods for home & life that are authentic, beautifully useful, and simply inspiring. We draw inspiration from Scandinavian design and the Nordic way of life, which celebrates understated elegance, unpretentious simplicity, attention to high quality and hard work, and homes that are both functional and beautiful. We also offer a variety of our favorite finds, one-of-a-kind items with a story to tell. The shop will be up & running soon!  

Photography by Danielle Lirette

Photography by Danielle Lirette